The start of a new season and I’m scared!

fearAbout 6 months ago, I noticed some lumps on the side of my neck. I didn’t really think much of it. Lymph nodes swell for lots of reasons. Once I saw that the swelling was not going down and I wasn’t sick to have them swollen like they were, so I made the appointment that would change my life. A week later I was having a Cat Scan done, A week after that, a needle biopsy. I already knew what it was, everyone kept telling me to not jump to conclusions but I just knew. I got the results 3 days later and it was Thyroid Cancer. The big C word. The thoughts running through my mind were all bad at first. I was told It was curable, PHEW, then they said it had to be done by surgery, then there was a whole other set of fears.

See I have this fear ever since I was a kid that if I ever had surgery I wouldn’t make it out of the surgery. I’m talking like since I was like 8 years old. WHAT 8YR OLD THINKS OF THINGS LIKE THAT??? But, really what can I do. Nothing but put my trust in God, that he knows what he is doing I Just have to be positive and put my faith in him.  This past Sunday I went to church by myself and the message was meant for me. See I wasn’t going to go to church that day there. I was going to go to this new church that my wife’s friends started. But, I had this push to go to my normal church. The message was about fear and not letting it control you, to put your faith into God and that all things that come from him are good. Then, today I turned on Joel Osteen on the TV and it was the same topic.

So all I can do is think positive, pray, read my bible and trust in him.


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