The battle for Marriage.


The other night my wife and I had a quick conversation before going to sleep.  It has to do with Married couples that don’t have much intimacy in their marriage and how that can have a big part in why people cheat. From Sexless Marriages to Infrequency issues, I look at it as one of the biggest marriage killers out there. I think that someone who isn’t truly capable of staying faithful in those times is going to fail. They are going to dwell on why are they having intimacy issues and they may look for it outside the marriage. They will justify it by well if s/he isn’t going to satisfy my need then I will find someone who will.

My wife thinks that I am justifying it for a reason to cheat or as if it’s partly the spouse’s fault. I do think each person in a marriage has the responsibility to protect their marriage. Each spouse has a need and those needs need to be met by each other, not by someone else in the world. That is when the TEMPTATION will rear its devilish head. They will think their spouse doesn’t love them enough, or may even hate them. They can have any number of reasons to honestly go outside of the marriage. I have one word that leads people to cheat, TEMPTATION. Temptation comes in many forms. Online chats, email, friends, going out with friends. You will be tempted at some point in your life. That is what I told my wife. When a marriage doesn’t have a great sex life, marriage problems, that is when that temptation will come. That is when your faith to your marriage and the promise you made comes into play. If you can rebuke those thoughts and temptations, then you can make it. If you are a weak willed person, then you will fail.

People are the type to justify their actions to make things OK. That is what she thought I was saying. But what I’m actually saying is that if you are in a stage of your marriage where something like this is happening then maybe it’s time to have a conversation with your spouse. Anything can be talked through as long as you guys are capable of that level of communication.Remember to talk through your issues and remember to be intimate with each other.


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