Is a cat more important than you Marriage?

So I am watching “My cat from Hell” the episode is called “Evil Kashmir.” It is of course about a cat with major behavior issues. In the opening scene, the people that the show is about were talking about how the cat is straining their relationship.  How the cat attacks the man (I say, man, because they are not married, so no spouse here) violently. Ever since they moved in together, the cat has become worse.

This dumbfounded me. How can someone put a cat before the other person in their relationship? Essentially, you are saying that an animal is more important than your relationship. Now, you may be thinking this is just an oddity because the show focuses on extreme situations. But, I can say this has played out in my own marriage. My wife’s cat has an issue with urinating on the floor if there is something on the floor. It caused issues with me. I had my own cat before marriage and she never did that. Once we moved in together, a short time later we noticed that our bed was urinated on. I assumed it was her cat, well it ended up being my cat and she never has done that before. It’s not uncommon for cats behaviour to change when another cat comes into the home. But, my ex-wife had her own cat. So my cat has always been around another cat since she was a kitten. So having something like that drew me crazy. But I never said that either the cat goes or I go. 
It just doesn’t make sense to me why you would do that. Try to resolve the issue, at worst re home the cat who would know how to fix that issue. Don’t break up your family because of an animal.


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