Why do I feel like this???

I am lost for words. So, I am going to try my best. I really don’t know what to say right now or how. So I’ll try my best.

For the last few month’s I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and health issues. See back in September ’16 I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.  This weekend is my final treatment. I had surgery in November ’16 to remove my thyroid and the lymph nodes that it metastasized to in a matter of months. See, this type of cancer is normally a very slow growing cancer. With me, though, Things don’t go normally. I seem to always get the extreme version of things.  I have my Iodine Radiation treatment in less than 24 hours. I’ll be quarantined to my bedroom for three days. I can not be within 6 feet of anyone for more than 30 minutes. So I’ll have a lot of alone time while my wife and daughter is only 30 feet away. But I feel like I’m going to be on another continent.

One thing that is causing internal strife,  I wrote about it on my personal Facebook page. I tagged my wife. She didn’t like the post. Didn’t even comment on it. I look like it as if I was having a conversation with her, but not directly. Yeah, probably stupid way to think. My thing is that when I write about how hard it is gonna be for me, and I don’t see a response, like, or reaction I take it like I am being ignored in the conversation. I try to like everything she does, respond to most, especially if it is something she wrote about how she is feeling.  I am wrong to think that way? Why has this become an issue?  She liked a mutual friend comment about “it’s better that the alternative.” She liked that comment because it was what she was going to respond with. So, instead of writing she just liked that comment.  I mean, I understand her point and it makes sense. But, then sometimes I just don’t know.


So why is something so little thing like that bother me?


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