Death, Cancer, Radiation, isolation, and an Awesome Wife!

So yesterday I started my Radiation Iodine treatment for my Thyroid Cancer. It’s the final step in finishing up this journey. I started this journey, unknowingly back in March of 2016. I felt some lumps on the side of my throat where my lymph nodes are. I knew that sometimes, they can swell due to a cold or some sort of illness. So, I didn’t think much of it at that time. I figure I would keep an eye on it. Well, months passed and the lumps didn’t go away. Life got busy, work, stress and the normal things. I finally went to the doctor in September and got a CT Scan scheduled. Before I even got the results, I had that feeling it was Cancer. Later that week, I picked up the results and I deciphered the Alien language that doctors use.  A Large mass, 2cm by 2cm in the lymphatic system.  My wife at that time stayed the positive one. She told me I didn’t know for sure, That I wasn’t trained in what I was reading.  She always tell’s me to not borrow trouble.  A Biopsy was needed. Possible Papillary Thyroid cancer. I got the biopsy done and it was confirmed.

My wife is usually pretty solid. When I found out, My mother was visiting and helping out because that same time I had some weird infection in my knee and I couldn’t take care of the baby and my wife has college. That same week my best friend died. So I was an emotional wreck. She was always steadfast. Telling me to pray and trust in the Lord. I saw her first crack of emotion, I think, really the only time she every showed me any emotion. She came in from outside and I think it finally hit her. She started crying and I hugged her. Told her crying isn’t allowed, she is my rock. But who am I kidding, we were both an emotional wreck.

I ended up getting more tests done, blood work. They wanted my surgery done in October, A month after I found out. Usually, with this type of Cancer, they usually schedule them out 2-3 months. Not mine, They needed it to get done ASAP because of how fast it grew and how it already spread from my Thyroid to my lymph nodes. I had some concern for my heart, I’ve had a history of palpitations. So I got a stress test done and failed that. So that canceled the first surgery date to get am Angiogram and an Echo done. Luckily I passed those and was given the green light for the surgery.  So I got my surgery scheduled for Nov 14th. During that time I had so much fear and My wife was constantly always telling me to have faith. Don’t borrow trouble. Did I listen? No, Because I’m stubborn and hard headed. She took care of me while I was in the hospital while taking care of our daughter. She always tried to remind me to stay positive.

The last day she has been taking care of making my meals, taking care of the baby, doing homework for school and crocheting a blanket for her first daughter. See with this Radiation Iodine I-131 treatment I have to pretty much stay confined to my room or stay at least 6 feet away from any person. Well since I have the baby here. I can’t really stay out because she will want to run to me and give me a hug. She made me an amazing brown sugar chicken with rice and bell peppers for lunch. She made an awesome vegetable soup for dinner today. she has been nothing but supportive and I am so lucky to have her. The thought of losing her is in itself enough to break my heart. More so, During this time, I know I haven’t been the easiest to be around. I have had so much stress and emotional attacks on myself that sometimes I loose sight of what is real and right. The fact she is still here and taking care of me after I’ve already been through one divorce, I must be one lucky guy. What did I do to deserve her? She has put up with my crap for the last three years. We’ve been through so much in so little. We will be married three years this year. Issues with my ex-wife and the kids. Family issues, personal issues, the death of family and friends.

The one thing I DO know, is that I thank God everyday for her! Because without her, who knows where I would be.




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