Are you Married to Technology?


Technology is around us everywhere. Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Systems, Smart TVs, Laptops are easily accessible. They are cheap enough that most people can afford them.

Technology has become a crutch in life that we can not go without it. Marriages are dull and failing because spouses are sitting on the couch, staring at the screen of that device instead of talking to each other, interacting and having fun. They have become to a point of just common existence. It has become to the point where they are becoming less that roommates. Roommates have more interaction that some people who are glued to those screens.


It is not only affecting your marriage but all relationships. Your children, friends and extended family. Children are becoming glued to technology. It will only get worse. Now is the time to realize this and act.


This has been something that has been bothering me lately. Playing on our phones when we jump into bed, instead of laying there and catching up on the day or just cuddling with each other before falling asleep. It doesn’t encourage any growth in your marriage or life.


My son comes over from his mothers has and he will always ask to use my tablet. The boy plays way too much technology at his mother’s house. Luckily, he has been not asking as much lately and he has been playing outside more since the weather is finally turning into spring here.

We need to take some time and put those things down and spend more time together. If we want relationships to flourish, we need to water them. That water is interaction.


So start interacting with your loved ones and put the technology away.


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