Apologies and forgiveness are important in marriage.

Have you ever been told by your spouse that your apologies mean nothing? Do you apologize for too much? Are you told you discount your spouse’s apologies? Most people want to make sure their spouse knows when they screw up and that we feel bad about what happened. That we acknowledge our mistake, make it better and move past it. Is it hard for you to move past transgressions? Do you hold on to your anger and take a long time to let go?

That is something that I use to have issues with. In my previous marriage and even in the start of this marriage. Now, I’m not perfect and sometimes I may even fail at this. This isn’t about failing once in a while. Do you constantly find yourself upset and not letting go after an argument? Do you find it hard to forgive your Spouse? It is so vitally important to perform this actions because if you don’t they will eat you up inside.

Forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving, but for you. You need to forgive people because if you do not, you will have it fester inside of you. This is not just in marriage but in everyday life. If someone has done wrong by you forgive them. It will do you good! Even more so in your marriage. It will open up feelings and communication, which is important in marriage.  If you let it fester inside you, it will consume you, make you put up walls, not care, and become distant.


So make sure you practice this and see what happens!


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