About Me

Marriages are falling apart left and right. Too many people just quit on each other. While this page I made with the intention of helping men enjoy their wife and their life.  I’ve been through A lot of things that will break most people. It seems like the hits keep coming and I keep taking them. Life tries to knock me down, and I stand right back up and yell “BRING IT ON.” I’ve been through a divorce and been remarried. I’ve been homeless. I’ve been stranded with nowhere to go. I’ve moved to three different states, with my third working out. I’ve been addicted to drugs and use to party every weekend. But in the end, I can only Thank the good Lord above for keeping me alive and taking me through everything. Even when I didn’t know he was there. I’ve done some things in life that I think I shouldn’t be breathing right now. Now I am married to a wonderful woman. With four kids and one step-daughter. Every day is a trial and I just keep doing my best. That’s all you can do in life, Give it your best. So I hope my writings will give you hope and help you with whatever trials you may be going through.